I spent most of the afternoon putting our things in boxes and taking them out to the car. People around here are all dying over parking spots. Every time I touch the car door, one or two of them roll up and ask for my parking space. If I was a dick I’d tell them it will be open tomorrow. Anyway, I mentioned that this move in particular is giving me a nervous breakdown. Perhaps I’m being a little over dramatic, but with so many of your things still here—mixed in with mine—I feel a little like I am packing up our relationship and moving it into my new apartment. I’d rather not do this unless you are here, honestly, because it feels too much like a shrine— crazy people and psychos make shrines.




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  1. it’s good that we are moving out before that place becomes a desert of open parking spaces. i don’t know about you, but some of the nicest times during our life in chicago was cruising around in your car, especially driving south down lake shore drive, with the waves lapping next to us. we drove it easily but firmly. it was like skinning a cold, delicious chicken.

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